SKYFLD® – your innovative solution for precision agriculture

SKYFLD® is a new independent online precision farming platform that helps you manage your farm operations. With SKYFLD® you can: Upload your field & farm information,  instantly access local weather history & 5 Day local weather forecast, Access Historical Biomass Maps, Create Variable rate fertiliser cards, Create Variable rate seeding cards, Create Variable rate PGR cards, and Create 'N - Balance' Sheets based on German fertiliser legislation. Alongside this within SKYFLD® client sharing application you can easily share all of your maps & data with your trusted advisors or team members. 

SKYFLD® is in the final testing phase before launch. We are working with pilot farmers to ensure we fully understand the needs of the grower and we have a robust and valuable platform before launch. Currently it is planned for SKYFLD® to go live in early 2020. If you would like to pre-register now at no cost or register your interest to hear more about SKYLFD® then please pre-register here.

All SKYFLD® features that helps to make the best of your field:


How simple SKYFLD® is to use

Within SKYFLD® you can create personalized application maps for Fertiliser, Crop Protection, and Seeding & export them to your machinery. 

Internet connection, Computer or tablet, SKYFLD® account, USB Stick, GPS-Signal on your machine, ISOBUS controlled device

Easily Add your fields into SKYFLD® by drawing them within the system or uploading your existing KML or Shape files.  

When you have added in your fields & activated your subscription biomass maps will start downloading immediately. You can then use these maps to interrogate field health.

Utilize biomass maps to build variable rate application maps for your fields. Once created, export these maps via USB to your terminals to undertake your personal variable rate application cards

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