Remotely monitor your crops with the biomass overview

Information, insights, and recommendations

SKYFLD Biomass maps are based on NDVI imagery. Biomass maps give an overview of crop health and a visual indication of heterogeneity in the field and across your farm. With SKYFLD you get a three year biomass history and a new image every 3-12 days as standard. As a result you are always aware of the status of your crops, and can prioritise areas for further investigation or scouting.

In addition to being a great indicator of crop health, SKYFLD biomass maps can be used as a base for variable rate application cards in conjunction with Yield & soil Maps uploaded by the user.

  • Overview of plant health & variation
  • Definition of different management zones
  • Variation of inputs according to plant needs
  • 5 x 5 m resolution
  • 3-year History as standard

Information, insights, and recommendations

How biomass maps work

SKYFLD biomass maps are derived from Sentinel ESA satellite imagery at a resolution of 5x 5 m every 3 - 12 days. Using a proprietary algorithm, SKYFLD provides you with images of your field's biomass throughout the season. Based on NDVI, the maps show a combination of chlorophyll content, plant moisture, nitrogen content, and GAI.

Creating Biomass maps is easy!

1. Create a field: Draw or upload

2. Biomass map downloads automatically

3. New maps added regularly

The biomass map: Insights that pay off.

From the biomass map you can read the vitality, i.e. the health, of your plants. This is not only useful for monitoring the growth process, but also for evaluating the current condition and as an indicator to predict harvest.

Also observe how the biomass changes in different parts of your field. From this you can identify different zones and that indicate soil quality or water holding capacity.

Poor vitality
0% - 25% snow, dead plants, water spots.

Medium vitality
25% - 33% plants, adapted stand management

Good vitality
33 % - 100 % Healthy to very healthy plants

Keeping an eye on the field history

In order to make future decisions, it is often helpful to look at the past. Utilise the SKYFLD Biomass map history to look back three years of biomass maps as standard.

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In Agriculture 4.0, you are always able to have an eye on plant growth and identify areas of high and low yield potential. Vitality, drought stress, pre-winter development and different field zones become visible and you can act in a timely and targeted manner. Our biomass maps are based on NDVI imagery (Normalized Density Vegetation Index), which is most commonly used for measuring vegetation density.

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