SKYFLD® - Cloudfree Biomass Maps

Introducing SKYFLD Cloud free biomass imagery. A brand new Proprietary algorithm for Spring 2020 Developed and implemented within SKYFLD for all crops utilizing radar data. This new data format allows us to give a prediction of biomass development during long periods of cloudy weather.

SKYFLD Cloud free biomass imagery ensures availability of a new biomass image for every field, every 3-5 days, 365days a year. Don’t miss a beat during the season and always be up to date on the latest condition of your crops regardless of cloud cover.

*Although very accurate utilizing radar data allows SKYFLD to predict biomass development during periods of no cloud through machine learning. However in some instances, for example when you harvest a field immediately after a multispectral image is taken and then SKYFLD uses radar data based on this image to predict crop growth errors can be shown.