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Data Upload

With SKYFLD, it is now possible to upload your field boundaries on sign up, to upload documents and pictures to supplement your scouting notes, and to upload yield and soil maps. In two easy steps you can upload your shape or KML files, and then use the mapping tool to extract the data layers you want to work with. 

Alongside viewing your uploaded data with SKYFLD split screen, you can also easily implement your existing soil and yield maps within the variable rate application map creation process. 

Data Upload

2 reasons for the SKYFLD® Data Upload feature

Upload soil maps

Soil maps give you a fantastic insight into the variation and nutrition status within your fields. Use the data obtained to improve your strategies for the next season and optimise the use of inputs within your fields and farm.

Upload yield maps

Although a historic yield map will not match the future output of a field in every scenario, the historical high and low potential zones of your field will be relatively consistent. As such Yield maps represent an excellent base on which you can create field specific management zones. With SKYFLD you can easily upload your historic yield maps, view them in split screen, and utilise them within the application map creation process. 

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