Historical Record of your cropping history for every Farm

Farms and Seasons

With the new SKYFLD farms and seasons functionalities you can add in the history of your fields, start and end new seasons easily, and always have a record of your farm activities. You can add up to three separate farms as standard, meaning if you have different farm operations you can treat them as independent operations within your SKYFLD account.

  • Add three different farms to your account
  • Record field history
  • Share

Farms and Seasons

3 reasons to use SKYFLD® Farms and Season

Add three different farms to your account

With SKYFLD you can as standard add three different farms to your farms, enabling you to segment your farm operation into individual units. Whether you have a different advisor you want to share individual farms and fields with, or separate satellite farms in different regions, SKYFLD gives you the flexibility you need.

Record field history

Easily record your previous crops, end and start new seasons, and look back over your historical records.


Each individual farm and field can be shared independently. Manage who has access to your data and always be in control.

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  • Ready to use in just 15 minutes
  • 3 years biomass maps
  • get more yield now

Digital agriculture is the future of your fields and is therefore often referred to as Agriculture 4.0. Where sensors control sowing, fertilization and crop protection, valuable resources can be used efficiently, and records are easily made.

Have the history of your fields ready at hand for planning your next season based on your crop rotation.

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