Fertiliser maps – Nutrition from the ground up

Find the right strategy for your field

Use SKYFLD to quickly and easily develop tailormade crop and field specific fertilisation maps . Create variable rate fertiliser maps based on biomass maps and soil maps to increase your productivity through zone-adapted nutrient management.

  • Eliminate over & under application.
  • Manipulate crop architecture
  • Adapt zoning and inputs based on your experience
  • Track nutrient supply to your field & farm(s)

Weather Forecasts to plan your week around

7 reasons to work with SKYFLD® fertiliser maps

Headland as a separate zone

The headland, which is adapted to your specifications, can be treated as a separate zone to the rest of the field.

Base map stacking

Create fertiliser maps from up to 10 biomass or soil maps from previous periods stacked on top of each other. Either weight evenly or use the prioritize maps function to give different weighting to individual base maps.

Tailormade fertilisation strategies

Select your strategy for fertilisation based on your preferences and the growth stage of your crops. Either select assimilate to apply more fertiliser to less developed field zones, or differentiate to maximise the nutrient supply to the high potential areas of your field.


Enter the maximum N supply for the field at the beginning of the season and automatically track the fertiliser loading throughout the year to ensure you keep to your legal and financial limits.

Fertiliser database

Use the variable application maps with mineral, organic or your own bespoke fertiliser. You will find the most common fertilisers in our database or alternatively you can simply create and save your own farm-specific fertiliser.

Automatic cost calculation

Easily calculate the costs of a fertiliser application per hectare. Immediately see the impact on the bottom line when you change fertiliser rates or strategy during the map creation process.

Customised Machine Configuration

SKYFLD adapts its zoning maps based on your machinery. Immediately see changes in the field zoning based on your machinery configuration and move digital farming closer to reality than ever before.

Recent peaks of nitrogen costs alerted farmers and promoted efficient farming techniques to lower the nitrogen input.

SKYFLD fertilizer cards and the use of sensors to control the amount of fertilizer support your nutrition planning and help you keeping fertilization costs under control.

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