SKYFLD® - Fertilization Maps

Maximise the efficiency of your Fertiliser applications using SKYFLD® variable rate fertiliser maps. By monitoring crop development with SKYFLD® biomass maps you can manipulate the rate of fertiliser application across different field zones during the season.

  1. Use the latest biomass map available for your fields to identify variation in growth within your fields,
  2. Input your fertiliser specifications and define your strategy [Assimilate OR Differentiate],
  3. Input target average Fertiliser rate accross the field,
  4. Export your tailormade fertiliser map,
  5. Use your machinery to undertake fertiliser applications with your Terminal OR the Crop Navigator Application.




Maximise the efficiency of your fertiliser applications, Monitor overall fertiliser use and ensure compliance with Fertiliser regulations, Target your fertiliser to individual zones to maximise profitability of fertiliser applications. All SKYFLD® variable rate fertiliser maps are editable to ensure all available information is taken into account, allowing you to take control of your fertilisation strategy.