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With SKYFLD® Individual Tramline, you set the direction

Static tramlines from north to south or east to west very rarely reflect the reality in the field and cause extra work when applying seed and fertiliser. SKYLFLD's new direction change tool makes it possible to adapt the orientation of the tramline to the real sale.

Instantly, the orientation of the pixels of your seed or fertiliser map changes, enabling a real-world application strategy. This further building block within the SKYLFD feature portfolio, helps you save time and increase yield.

SKYFLD® Scouting and sharing

3 reasons to use SKYFLD® Individual Tramline

Simply draw in the field

First, mark out the respective field by placing points on the outer edge of the field. The system will then ask you to configure the field. Then simply confirm and your field can now be optimised.

360° customisation

As you will see in some cases, the given tramline does not always correspond to the direction of travel you are using. With the help of our feature, you can now easily adapt the system to your routes. No matter if north, south, west or east. Simply align the tramlines to yours with the cursor and the system is perfectly prepared.

Optimise existing fields

This feature also allows you to optimise existing fields.
If you have already created fields, or if driving directions have changed, the tramlines can easily be adjusted afterwards.

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