PGR - The end of blanket applications

SKYFLD® Variable rate Plant Growth Regulator Maps

With SKYFLD PGR maps you ensure that each zone of your field receives the optimum application rate of PGR. Prevent scorch from over application and ensure you keep you crops standing.

Using satellite imagery & uploaded soil and yield maps, SKYFLD enables users to identify different soil zones within their field(s). Quickly and easily create and export variable rate PGR maps based on up to ten base maps - personalised application maps based on your experience, field conditions, and product selection. 

Under application of PGR products can lead to lodging, reduced harvest efficiency and can cap the potential of your crops. Over application causes reductions in crop development and can ultimately lead to under performance when it matters - when you run the combine through the field. With  SKYFLD PGR maps you can manage the PGR rate delivery to every zone within your field to maximise the output of your crop, whilst ensuring you don’t waste or place in puts in the wrong zone.

Four simple steps to create a variable rate PGR map

  • Select the base map(s) for the field zoning.
  • Add your water volume, Products (up to 3), and minimum average and maximum permissible application rates.
  • Select your machinery to adapt the map to the machinery specifications.
  • Export the map and start working with SKYFLD PGR map's immediately.

Weather Forecasts to plan your week around

7 reasons to use SKYFLD® PGR maps

Headland as a separate zone

The headland, which is adapted to your specifications, can be treated as a separate zone to the rest of the field.

Base map stacking

Create PGR maps from up to 10 biomass, soil, and yield maps from previous periods stacked on top of each other. Make the most of your existing data.

Individually Assigned Weighting

Either Use the SKYFLD standard average weighting across your base maps or introduce a prioritisation to your zoning map. With the easy prioritise function you can adjust your maps based on all the information you have available.

Add up to three different products

With SKYFLD you can add up to three different PGR products, which can be either liquid or solid. The application rates for your second and third products are defined by entering an average rate, then the system uses the ratio from Product 1 to do the rest.

Real Time Preview

At SKYFLD we don’t believe you should wait until you have entered all your data, parameters for application, and completed the map creation process before you see a preview of the variable rate map you have created. With real time preview you get instant feedback on how the changes you make alters the zoning map.

Track your input costs

Easily calculate the input costs of PGR applications. After entering a price for your inputs you will Immediately see the overall application input cost & the per hectare input cost. Again, we don’t want any confusion, so when you update anything in your map, you will receive a live update on the cost of application.

Customised Machine Configuration

SKYFLD adapts its zoning maps based on your machinery. Immediately see changes in the field zoning based on your machinery configuration and move digital farming closer to reality than ever before.

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As for seeding, fertilization and other field maintenance also PGR application can be optimized by using variable application rates according to biomass, soil and yield maps. Once you have exported your application maps your crop protection machinery will ensure that the exact amount of PGR is applied to different field zones.

Also benefit from the precise weather tool coming with the use of SKYFLD when it comes to weather sensitive applications.

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