SKYFLD® - Seeding Maps

Give your crop the best start to life & ensure you achieve the best possible crop population across your field & farm. SKYFLD® identifies different soil zones within your field based on satellite imagery, and then allows users to assign optimum seeding rate to each zone.

  1. Use SKYFLD® to define different soil zones
  2. Assign seed rates to different seed zones based on your experience
  3. Define your overall strategy
  4. Export Maps to your machinery to automate the seeding proccess




Achieve the your desired plant, tiller, and ear population accross the your fields despite field variation, improve the efficacy & efficiency of Plant protection applications, fertiliser applications, Harvest operations. Reduce lodging risk and improve effectiveness of disease control. All Seeding Maps are fully editable to ensure all available information is utilised and you are fully in control of crop establishment.