The SKYFLD® Weather Tool - forecasts you can rely on

Weather Forecasts to plan your week around

Weather dictates almost every key activity during the cropping season, reliable weather forecasting is the cornerstone of all farming operations. With the SKYFLD Weather Tool will have access to a localised weather forecast for each of your farm addresses. Alongside a 7 Day forecast, you also benefit from a live overview of the weather at each location, a 2 – year historical weather record, and a digital rain gauge. Utilising over 3 billion data points, SKYFLD weather gives you an accurate indication of Temperature, Precipitation likelihood & volume, daylight hours, wind speed, wind direction, Humidity, Dew Point, and cloud coverage.

  • The weather forecast
  • The digital rain gauge

Weather Forecasts to plan your week around

2 Reasons for Weather Tool

The weather forecast

Whether you want to see a detailed overview of weather for the next 48 hours, a 7 day forecast, or look back at the historical weather, the SKYFLD Weather Tool has you covered. Although the weather is never fixed, by analysing over 3 billion measurement points and constantly updating our forecast SKYFLD gives you a forecast to plan your work around.

The digital rain gauge

Compare and observe the precipitation trends of the last 2 years and use them for your business. What does this mean for you? No Excel spreadsheets or handwritten notes to record rainfall events. The digital rain gauge directly records the weather data for each of your SKYFLD farms.

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  • 3 years biomass maps
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Weather forecasting is the most essential tool for planning your field operations from seeding to harvest.  If you are scheduling your seeding according to soil conditions or your herbicide application – accurate information about rainfall and temperatures are fundamental for choosing the best possible time to minimize risks.

SKYFLD offers you reliable and accurate forecast of the weather conditions around your fields.

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