SKYFLD® is powered by satelite data, which is collected every 4 to 5 days. Once collected this imagery is proccessed through our proprietary algorithms and is then displayed as crop health maps. Crop Health maps can be then used to create tailormade application maps for your specific farm / field. The whole proccess is quick & easy. Following creation maps can be exported via USB, Tablet, and PDF to your terminal.

Anyone can use skyfld 24/7, once registered maps start downloading immediately.

Yes - Through the client sharing tool you can share any of your field information with advisors and colleagues. You can choose individual fields, or your whole farm to share and can restrict access to read / edit / or create.

Your data will be stored for the cropping year / subscription period. The longer you subscribe to Skyfld the longer your data will be stored. This way you can reflect back across several years, identifying trends and changes in field performance.

We will not use your personal data anywhere. We believe in providing a trustworthy confidential service for our customers, farming may have gone digital but the same principles which govern our industry remain.

You will receive a new map every 4-5 days in season. This will vary depending on the time of the year as a result of overlap variation from month to month.

If you need technical support please send us an email or give us a call. Contact details can be found in the contact section on this website.

Yes - Your knowledge and history is essential to the continuation of agriculture. Once produce maps can be edited to take into account your local knowledge.

Yes - For a long time data has been produced, now with Skyfld you can upload this data and use it to develop greater knowledge on your applications. Using our split screen feature you can for example compare soil or yield maps with the current biomass estimations on your field's or application maps produced in Skyfld.

Yes - We aim to be compatible with all machinery. However if you have any issues setting up your specific machine or are worried about your compatibility prior to joining Skyfld you can easily get in touch with us via the contact section on this site. We will ensure you are compatible with the system and solve any issues you may have.

Please contact us via the contact section on this site. We will be happy to answer any further questions.