SKYFLD® - HELM AG’s Precision Farming Platform

Helm AG is an independent family company from Hamburg and has been synonymous with innovative product development for over 120 years. We operate worldwide with over 100 branches and sales offices in more than 30 countries. As a multifunctional company, we are active in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, crop protection and fertilizers. We have been selling high-quality fertilizers and pesticides for more than 40 years. As within all our core markets, we also observe and recognize trends of digitization in crop production - and have been offering our customers and partners our digital platform for precision agriculture for over 2 years.

Investment in the future

SKYFLD is our investment in the future. Developed with specialist and expert knowledge in the fields of fertilizers and crop protection, it maximises efficiency in the field and profitability in farming operations. But agriculture never stands still - and neither do we. A completely revised version of SKYFLD has been on the market since February 2021. We have analysed and implemented the various requirements of our customers in the global agriculture markets. The new SKYLFLD has a completely redesigned user interface, a modern design, simplified usability, and numerous new functions. We look forward to expanding and deepening relationships with new and existing partners in agriculture.

Digital agriculture with SKYFLD®

Digital agriculture is no longer a trend, but has arrived on many fields & farms across the globe. SKYFLD supports you with planning and monitoring your crops, production of high-quality food with a focus on sustainability, and strengthening your ecological and economic balance sheet. With the innovative platform you monitor the development of your crops, distribute your inputs responsibly and efficiently, analyse historical records, and use soil and yield maps for in season decision making. Take the first step into digitised agriculture with SKYFLD.

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