Customized application for effective plant development

With SKYFLD PGR maps you ensure that each zone of your field receives the optimum application rate of PGR. Prevent scorch from over application and ensure you keep you crops standing. Using satellite imagery & uploaded soil and yield maps, SKYFLD enables users to identify different soil zones within their field(s). Quickly and easily create and export variable rate PGR maps based on up to ten base maps - personalised application maps based on your experience, field conditions, and product selection. With SKYFLD PGR maps you can manage the PGR rate delivery to every zone within your field to maximise the output of your crop, whilst ensuring you don’t waste or place in puts in the wrong zone.

Saving of

zone maps

yield quality


Creating PGR maps is easy


Base map

Select the base
map(s) for
the field zoning



Add your water volume,
Products (up to 3), and
application rates.



Select your machinery to
adapt the map to the
machinery specifications

Instead of being tied to static tramlines, SKYLFLD’s new direction change tool makes it possible to adapt the orientation of the tramline to the real course. Thus the orientation of the pixels of your seed or fertiliser map changes, enabling a real-world application strategy and helps you save time and increase yield.


  • Real application strategy
  • Save time and increase yield

Ready to use in 15 minutes:
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  • Reduce farm input costs
  • 3-year Biomass history as standard
  • Optimize your crops
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As for seeding, fertilization and other field maintenance also PGR application can be optimized by using variable application rates according to biomass, soil and yield maps. Once you have exported your application maps your crop protection machinery will ensure that the exact amount of PGR is applied to different field zones.

Also benefit from the precise weather tool coming with the use of SKYFLD when it comes to weather sensitive applications.