Field-wide success thanks to digital networking

SKYFLD is the digital crop management tool that provides farmers with a 360° data story of their fields. For example, field parameters such as soil conductivity, moisture and weather conditions are measured and the information is made available to the farmer.

In the midst of increasing seed and fertiliser prices, Helm AG has further developed its SKYFLD product to help farmers work more efficiently and achieve better harvests. To be successful in modern crop farming, it is crucial to keep an eye on all relevant parameters at all times. These parameters are continuously increasing. It is not only due to growing resistances and a reduced availability of effective crop protection products that it is essential to carry out optimal crop monitoring. Recent months have shown how vulnerable supply chains for production inputs can be and how dependent we are on the energy sector. This is reflected, among other things, in the enormously high prices for mineral fertilisers. Finally, climatic conditions are increasingly demanding and require resilient crop stocks.

It is crucial to respond to all these influences. For only what can be measured can be specifically evaluated and the farm's individual cultivation strategy aligned to it. Stephan Poppe-Kirchmann explains that SKYFLD aims to provide a comprehensive 360° data overview of a farm's stands and to make all influences on the plants measurable. With this digital tool, which uses images from the Sentinel satellites, it is possible to get an overview of the condition of the crops.

See directly in the video how easy it is to create application maps with SKYFLD and get assessments from Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus Frank on the economic prospects of partial area-specific fertilisation.

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