Different types of applications in agriculture

For free or not, Mobile apps are becoming increasingly common in agriculture. Despite covering a wide range of needs, they all have at least one common goal: to make life easier for their users.

Digital and technological revolution is making significant strides within the realm of agricultural farms. In this era of Agriculture 4.0, where sensors, connected drones, and robots play crucial roles, mobile applications have also become indispensable tools. Surprisingly, farmers have warmly embraced these apps. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, a staggering 85% of them actively use smartphone applications and social media platforms to enhance and disseminate their farming activities.

What are the purposes of these mobile applications?

Agricultural applications support daily businesses farmers management. They are designed for all types of uses, such as:

  • Helping farmers make decisions with collected data. For example, some apps are connected to weather stations, which helps farmers to plan crop treatments. Others alert farmers to prevent crop treatment only in case of disease risk. There are also tools for livestock that are connected to sensors placed around the necks of cows. These tools inform farmers about herd's condition (heat, disease, stress, etc.). There are many decision-making tools available, but it is important to remember that they are still...tools! Farmers or technicians’ expertise still very important. Ex: SKYFLD®, FarmLife® (cattle breeding)
  • Facilitate communication between collaborators. These applications aim to plan tasks, and to connect farmers with their agricultural advisors so that everyone is on the same page. Example: SKYFLD®

  • Manage farming business in a holistic way, by centralizing all farm information. These applications are real allies in reducing mental workload. In addition to regulatory compliance, they allow you to track inventory management, simulate production costs, margins, and more - all in your hand.

  • Communicate and expand network. Today, with internet, farmers can easily connect with other farmers by joining groups on social media or participating in online forums. Social media are also great tools, mostly free, to communicate with people and promote their profession. French farmers are active on all major social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some have thousands of followers!

  • Help each other. Mutual aid groups or Cuma’s can find applications to monitor time. There are even applications for renting agricultural equipment, or for finding used equipment around your home. Examples: Petits comptes entre agris, Agriaffaires, APTIMIZ…

It's certain that other applications will emerge to meet unique needs of all agricultural industries.

Manage, monitor and communicate with SKYFLD® mobile App

SKYFLD® mobile app provide:

  • Treatments optimization:
    • Spraying conditions.
    • Diseases and pests’ recognition with Plantix (integrated SKYFLD® artificial intelligence).
  • NDVI data and more: weather, humidity sensors, weed detection, etc. Machine and tramlines management.
  • Seeding, fertilization, PGR rate map application.
  • Work organization and communication optimization with collaborators, advisors, technicians …
  • Field management and scouting notes from the field to collaborators with your smartphone.

Even offline you can Access to your farm data with your SKYFLD® mobile.

Download our SKYFLD® mobile app for iOS or Androïd


  • « Agriculture et innovation – Lancement de la French AgriTech », French Minister of Agriculture, 2021


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