Precision farming with SKYFLD

SKYFLD platform aims to improve agricultural operations efficiency by promoting sustainable practices. Sylvain BRETECHE, Business Development Manager for Europe, explains all benefits of this easy-to-use tool. He also presents two integrated technologies: CropX and Plantix

Can you introduce us to SKYFLD?

SKYFLD is one of HELM AG's digital solutions for precision agriculture. HELM is a German family-owned company based in Hamburg. It has over 120 years of experience and specializes in the distribution and commercial development of innovative products in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, crop protection, and fertilizers. Present worldwide, HELM AG has a simple goal: to optimize resources and secure yields. We know that agriculture faces many environmental, regulatory, and societal challenges. With SKYFLD, we are committed to supporting farmers in optimizing and securing their crops. Our ambition is clear: to have a 360° view of crops to optimize the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations in a sustainable agriculture framework.

What are SKYFLD benefits for farmers?

Thanks to its many integrated technologies, our platform facilitates decision-making. Today, SKYFLD has about 15,000 users, primarily in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and most recently France. This represents about 2 million hectares. SKYFLD has a real economic impact for farmers. By intra-field modulation of inputs such as fertilizers or seeds, we contribute to yield optimization. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create modulation maps in just a few clicks. With SKYFLD we can leverage vegetation indices such as NDVI as well as soil analysis maps, drone maps, or even drone images.

SKYFLD is a collaborative tool. It facilitates the organization of work as well as communication with partners and employees, as well as with ETAs, technicians, or advisors outside the farm.

What is CropX?

To get a complete picture of our crops, we partnered with CropX sensors. These sensors measure humidity, temperature, and electrical conductivity in real time. We use this information to create alerts and recommendations before the plants start to show signs of stress. Our goal is to take preventive action, rather than waiting until the problem is too late to fix.

What is Plantix?

HELM recently invested in Plantix, a company working on artificial intelligence based on photo analysis. This technology is fully integrated into SKYFLD, and it allows users to identify diseases, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and provide recommendations in just a few seconds.

This does not replace the eye of an expert, but it is a great way to confirm observations made in the field from our SKYFLD mobile app

Anything else to add?

With SKYFLD, we want to give farmers a 360-degree story of their crops and help them build strong relationships with third parties in the agriculture industry. Together, we can create a more efficient, sustainable, and ethical food system. Join us!

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