*NEW* Copy Strategy: a nifty feature that will save your time

Minimize your effort and increase the productivity. We are excited to announce the release of the new feature - Copy Strategy.

Now, you can easily copy seeding, fertilisation, and crop protection strategies and apply them to other fields, whether they have the same or different crops. Open one of your application maps, click the Copy Strategy button and test new possibilities.

With the Copy Strategy feature, you can:

- save time generating application maps ⏱️
- apply successful strategies to other fields 🏆
- speed up the field management process 🚀   


Check other updates:  

Increased precision means better planning.
We introduced changes to the Weather tab. Instead of displaying the current weather and forecasts for the whole farm, you can display details for each field individually.   

Create your fields in just 2 steps!
Now, the field creation process is easier and faster. You don’t have to set tramlines orientation. If needed, you can do so while creating application maps.

Something for big farms!
We improved performance and speed on bigger farms. Switching between fields and displaying data is noticeably faster.  

Clear message.
We took care of error messages so they are more precise and help users to solve problems.

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