New: Plant Health Check

With Plantix's new and AI-powered detection, pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies can be identified in an instant.

Plantix automatically analyses all plant photos uploaded to SKYFLD. The system uses machine learning and compares the symptoms visible in the images with references from a profound database.

The result of the Plant Health Check is comprehensive:

- Scientific name 📝
- Detailed list of symptoms 🐛
- Reference image 🌱
- Suggested treatment 💪

In addition to the diagnosis, SKYFLD also shows the probability of correct detection. There are 3 levels: very likely, likely and possible. Based on this information, you can decide whether you should carry out the suggested treatment or consult an advisor. Plantix's AI-based crop diagnostics lead to higher yields by contributing to better crop management and reducing the risk of disease spread. In addition, you can activate push notifications to inform of any new detections. This feature streamlines communication and the decision-making process.


Check other updates:

New indicator: vitality change
Whether you work with mobile or the desktop version of SKYFLD, you can see at a glance whether the vitality of your fields has changed compared to the last measurement.

New filter and sort options for easier navigation
You can filter and sort your fields by the vitality difference between the 2 most recent biomass maps. Try combining several filters to find areas that need to be treated due to the vitality change.

Faster farm creation
From now on, you no longer need to enter an address to create your farm in SKYFLD. Only three steps are required: name of the farm, city and country.


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