New: Faster field creation

Use KML and shape file upload to add more fields to your farm. Upload one file - get multiple fields created with all the necessary details!

Use KML and shape file upload to add more fields to your farm. Now, besides accurately defined field boundaries, field names, and IDs, you can include information about seeding dates and crop types. With SKYFLD, you save time on repetitive tasks and improve crop management efficiency!


How does it work?

● Upload your KML or shape file to SKYFLD 📄

● Select which property from your file is a field name, ID, seeding date, and crop type so they are displayed in SKYFLD in the correct form ✅

● Click Upload and get multiple fields created in no time ⏱️


Try it on your own!


No more fields to add? Check other updates:


Insight into zones

As you create variable rate maps (seeding, fertilisation, crop protection), you will now see the information about zone sizes. You can edit the parameters and track how many hectares fall into each zone. Besides, you can check each vitality zone size on your biomass maps and spot the most productive areas.


Visualised filtering results

A small but significant improvement - the filtering results are now visible on the map. Fields that match the filtering criteria are highlighted. You'll notice them at a glance.


Precision at your fingertips

Creating your fields on mobile? Now you can edit a field shape while drawing the boundaries. Tap and hold the corner and move it on the map.


We’ve got one more exciting announcement: keep an eye on the feed! From now on, you may expect to see new types of messages there, including information from the SKYFLD team!


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