Introducing CropX: Monitor soil moisture for higher yields

CropX measurements: Install sensors on your fields, measure soil moisture, temperature and conductivity and increase your farm's yield.

Get accurate real-time data directly from your fields! With CropX sensors you can monitor soil moisture, analyse historical data, check nutrient leaching progress and get indications about infection pressure. Thanks to SKYFLD and CropX integration, you can see all the insights in your field details without having to switch between apps!


Connect your CropX account with SKYFLD to:

● optimize water use through precise irrigation management 💧

● keep your crops in top condition 🌿

● store all farm-related information on one platform 💡


If you already have a CropX sensor, sign up for SKYFLD and connect your accounts! Measure soil moisture and save on product and management costs - take another step towards sustainable agriculture.




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Easy setup

If you already have a CropX account, all you need to do is enter your email address and sensor number. You will then see sensor pins on the map. Click on them and assign them to your fields.


Available wherever you are

The SKYFLD APP gives you insights into CropX, moisture measurement and leaching history. You can find all the information you need in the details of your fields.


Irrigation planning made easy

With access to historical moisture values, current readings and CropX advice, you can save resources and time. Plan your measures based on data, not forecasts!


Several new crops were also added to the system with the latest update.

Ready to use in 15 minutes:
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  • Reduce farm input costs
  • 3-year Biomass history as standard
  • Optimize your crops
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