Detect plant infections in time and use the optimal spraying time!

A fungal infection detected too late or an incorrectly chosen time for spraying can lead to a reduced crop development and considerable yield losses. With the new update of SKYFLD, these risks are significantly reduced, because thanks to CropX soil data and waether models, infections and stress factors can be detected before they emerge.

And it works as simply as this:

  • Detect and evaluate the disease pressure of the fields🌱
  • Verify the infection forecast on site with SKYFLD
  • Select the optimal spray timing 🚜
Open and test SKYFLD

3 steps, simply explained:

Detecting fungal diseases

Within the field-related information you will now find a detection and risk rating for possible fungal diseases provided by CropX. A CropX sensor is not absolutely necessary for the new function, but if CropX sensors are installed in the field, the predictions become even more accurate.

Get an overview

Once an infection has been detected in the field, it can be easily identified using the SKYFLD Field Manager app. Create a scouting note, upload a photo of an infected plant and receive a diagnosis in seconds using Plantix's integrated plant health check.

Choose the optimal time to spray

Plan the spray based on the CropX information. Open the "Spraying condition" section for the selected field to check the current weather and predicted weather conditions. You will then get a 24-hour overview to find the best time for optimal spraying.

Share your feedback with us.

We would love to hear your opinion on the usability and daily work with SKYFLD. Just send us a message at support@skyfld.com, thank you!