No need for a USB stick, just use the John Deere Cloud.

SKYFLD seed, fertiliser and spray maps can now be transferred directly to John Deere implement terminals via the cloud. This has many advantages, especially when working with employees or contractors, because data transfer via USB stick is now a thing of the past.

Soon also available for other manufacturers!

It's as simple as this:

  • Connect your John Deere cloud account with SKYFLD 🔗
  • Select the terminals you use from the list of manufacturers supported by SKYFLD
  • Export application maps directly to the machine terminals 🚜

Check our other updates:

New task type

Benefit from an improved task management, because from now on you can select "Delivery/Logistics" as task type. As a result, significantly fewer tasks fall into the "Other" category.

Identify and act on risks

New map layers for spray conditions and disease risks have been introduced in the desktop version. With one look at the map, you immediately know which fields need your attention.

Make data-based decisions

Connected to a CropX sensor, SKYFLD gives you additional information on soil nutrient and moisture levels and recommended actions. Users also benefit from more accurate infection forecasting and optimal spray timing.

Use SKYFLD for optimal crop management and care of your fields!


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