CropX Technologies is a new partner in the SKYFLD environment. CropX is a soil analytics sensor that provides quality real-time data on available nutrients and water balance directly from the soil to provide guidance for successful and sustainable farming. It is the perfect complement for SKYFLD which is aggregating all agronomic farm data in one place for easy tracking and sharing.

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SKYFLD aggregates data and transforms it into useful information

Real-time Field Data

The SKYFLD system aggregates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful information. The information is easy to access and provides a holistic overview of field conditions.

Agronomic Planning

Insights and advice for performing irrigation, disease, nutrition and effluent management activities help our users minimize the use of inputs while maximizing yields. 

Farm Data Connectivity

Our SKYFLD system is a one-stop-shop for agronomic data, connecting from many sources into one platform where it can be activated for the benefits of farms and the agricultural supply chain. 

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting activities are key for transparency in the agricultural supply chain and create opportunities for adding value. SKYFLD will compile data on environmental events, resource use, and crop performance.

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With CropX, you can monitor fields conditions, take preventive actions and base your strategies on accurate data.

You get:

  • Soil moisture status
  • Leaching status
  • Spraying conditions
  • Disease risk
  • Additional map layers